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The 3 Foundations of Health: Energy Wellness | Holistic Healthcare | Living from the Heart

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1) Do you have chronic health issues, an autoimmune disorder or symptoms affecting your life on a daily basis?

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Energy Healing

♡ Tapping into the Body’s Innate Wisdom

  • Release Energy Blocks and Stress
  • Rebalance your energy 
  • Restore your health body mind and spirit. 

AO Scans

♡ Exciting New Technology!

  • Optimize Your Frequencies
  • Optimize Your Health

Millions of Knots Book

♡ This book is written for all women who are on a healing journey

  • full of personal reflections
  • receive valuable tips + insights
  • be supported on your journey

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Heart to Heart Connection.

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Breast Cancer Recovery Specialty

Breast Cancer Recovery Program 1:1

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During treatment your whole life has been put on pause and now you’re eager to feel better and to learn how to navigate your new path forward with ease.

Breast Cancer Recovery Video Series

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This video series is so close to my heart. I share the 5 most common experiences go through in breast cancer recovery.

Breast Cancer Recovery AO Scan Program

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AO Scan frequencies support your energy to assist in your recovery from the physical, mental and emotional experiences from treatment.

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Immune Support
  • Lymph Support

Offering You the Knowledge You Need to

Become Your Own Health Advocate

If you are looking for compassionate support where you feel heard, understood and safe to guide you to your best health reach out …

Let me share my story with you. ln 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and pulmonary fibrosis while also facing a divorce. Yes, I had a lot on my plate and honestly, it was scary! I doubted my ability to cope emotionally or physically with this life-threatening news and the difficult journey that lay ahead. With little support, I felt isolated and alone, but with the tenacity in my heart I created my own Holistic Health Care plan and I was able to build resilience, release trauma and stress and, implement a holistic lifestyle that turned my health around. A successful integrative wellness approach and the power of energy healing led me to become a practitioner.

Channeling my inner warrior gave me the strength I needed to rise and overcome life threatening challenges. I now use my knowledge, experiences and passion to mentor and guide women through their own personal health challenges as they learn how to become their own health advocates. lt is imperative to honor and value ourselves and then advocate for health.

My passion is to help women conquer fears of living with cancer or chronic illness. I bring women out of the darkness, who are feeling overwhelmed to an empowered, balanced and resilient state of mind.

My passion is to help you:

  • find balance in your life
  • feel confidence in your health
  • connect to your intuition

Together we work with your priorities and desires using modalities and tools to create your path forward. I help you overcome the obstacles and step into your brilliance.

lf you are looking for compassionate support where you feel heard, understood and safe to explore the steps to your best health reach out by booking a Health Empowerment Discovery Call.

If you are not ready to work privately I recommend reading my book Millions of Knots; Discovering My Light Through Cancer. It started as a book for women with breast cancer but as I wrote I kept every woman in mind and how to help you on your healing journey. At the end of every chapter I offer a piece of wisdom that I gathered on my journey and encourage you throughout the book to look after yourself. I wrote it from my heart to connect to yours so that there will be healing.