All Services offered
support women on their
healing journey.

Services For All Women

Energy Healing

♡ Tapping into the Body’s Innate Wisdom 

  • Release Energy Blocks and Stress
  • Rebalance your energy 
  • Restore your health body mind and spirit. 

AO Scans

♡ Exciting New Technology!

  • Optimize Your Frequencies
  • Optimize Your Health 

Millions of Knots Book

♡ This book is written for all women who are on a healing journey

  • full of personal reflections
  • receive valuable tips + insights
  • be supported on your journey

Services for Women in Breast Cancer Recovery

Breast Cancer Recovery Program 1:1

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During treatment your whole life has been put on pause and now you’re eager to feel better and to learn how to navigate your new path forward with ease.

Breast Cancer Recovery Video Series

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This video series is so close to my heart. I share the 5 most common experiences go through in breast cancer recovery.

Breast Cancer Recovery
AO Scan Program

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