Breast Cancer Recovery

Bridge to Empowerment

During treatment your whole life has been put on pause and now you’re eager to feel better and to learn how to navigate your new path forward with ease.

You have graduated out of the nest you had during treatment. In treatment you were followed closely by your medical team that supported you. It is very common to have a mixture of feelings of leaving that nest which may include fear, anxiety and a sense of feeling lost.

In working with me I make sure you are cared for in establishing your new normal post recovery. 

The day I finished treatment I was elated – at first. I came home sat on my couch and the months of the diagnosis process, doctor’s appointments, waiting for results, figuring out my treatment options and the treatments themselves hit me like a tsunami. I had a very serious PTSD attack. Post traumatic stress is very common after cancer treatment but no one talks about it. I am talking about it and offer support to deal with it.

After 3 weeks of struggling to get out of bed every day and eat I called the hospital looking for help. Their answer: “We do not offer any after cancer care counseling.” Feeling beat up from everything and honestly depressed I had to force myself to make calls and find help. It was lonely, frustrating and exhausting. I am very grateful that I found a team to help me.

As a result of this experience I have trained in many modalities that have helped me over the years to develop programs for women in recovery. These programs are based in building a foundation of the new you. We are never the same after cancer treatments. Many women experience a loss of self and experience grief for this loss. 

I support women in releasing the stress of what they went through to help them find their light and move forward with more ease. 

Let’s connect to the new you. Honour you. Celebrate you and all that you have accomplished.

Let’s take time to soothe your soul.

Let’s release and process the mental and emotional aspects of what you went through.

Let’s lay a strong foundation for going forward.

I wish I had a woman to hold my hand, put things in perspective, coach me in taking steps that were in my best interest, coach me around re-entering into my life with family and friends who were also struggling to understand the new me. 

Would you like an experienced guide and advocate to help you take your next best steps towards better health? I am here for you.

I will match what you are looking for with the many modalities and tools I have available and will create a program specific to your goals. 

Sessions move you towards feeling more clear, peace and calm.

You will feel heard, understood and safe.

There is a spark of light in each of us. Breast Cancer can put some veils on that light. Let me help you discover your light within. All else flows when you feel connected and clear to the new you.

Let me help you discover the light within.

All else flows when you feel connected and clear to the new you.